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Jacoulet, Paul (1896-1960), "Le Pacifique Mysterieux. Mers Du Sud (The Mysterious Pacific)"

Catalog ID 8985
Artist Paul Jacoulet
Title Le Pacifique Mysterieux. Mers Du Sud (The Mysterious Pacific)
Medium Limitied Edition Woodblock Print
Series Title
Edition 112/350
Date 1951
Publisher The Artist
Reference No Miles #117
Size 19 x 14 " (sheet)
Condition Very fine, with bright, fresh colors with silver mica highlighting the water around the rock and mermaid.

Notes: This limitation number, 112/350, is the highest number that we have noted, as Miles states "fewer than 90 impressions".

Miles notes that, "Jacoulet was experimenting with very intense new pigments when he produced this print from a painting done in the early thirties. Several new blues were added to his palette, and he became interested in expressing the transparency of the waters of
the South Seas."


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