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Miller, Lilian (1895 - 1943), "Rain Blossoms, Japan (A)"

arrow-left arrow right "Rain Blossoms, Japan (A)" by Miller, Lilian
Catalog ID A0341
Artist Lilian Miller
Title Rain Blossoms, Japan (A)
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title Japan Series
Edition First
Date 1928
Publisher S. Watanabe
Reference No Catalog #83
Size 10 -1/4 x 15 -1/2 "
Condition Fine, with fresh colors.

Notes: Miller's block monogram in lower left corner. Titled and signed in pencil by the artist in the bottom margin.

The design is illustrated as a two-page spread inside both the front and back covers of the Miller catalog by Kendall Brown.

Brown notes that, "In preparing for her 1929-30 American tour, Miller arranged to have an article on her work published in the mid-October issue of Art Digest. For the article she chose Rain Blossoms, and provided this description:

'Though Japan is now in the seemingly inevitable transition from an oriental country to an up-to-date Western power, there are still to be found, both on the highways and byways of Nippon, many reminiscent touches of her ancient picturesqueness. Amongst these perhaps one of the most beautiful is the gay tinted oil paper umbrella that rich and poor, young and old alike, may be seen carrying on rainy days. These quaint round umbrellas are not only of many colors but of many patterns, an endless succession of designs of breath-taking charm; and cloudy, gloomy days in Japan take on a bright and lovely aspect when two or more of these umbrellas are glimpsed passing down a lane or crossing over an old native bridge, looking like veritable blossoms opening in the rain.'


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