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Yoshida, Hiroshi (1876 - 1950), "Mt. Fuji at Dusk"

arrow-left arrow right "Mt. Fuji at Dusk" by Yoshida, Hiroshi
Catalog ID A0648
Artist Hiroshi Yoshida
Title Mt. Fuji at Dusk
Medium Original Sumi-e Painting on Silk
Series Title
Edition Original
Date c.1920's
Reference No
Size 16 -3/4 x 47 " (painting); 21 -3/4 x 56 -1/2 " (framed)
Condition Fine.
Price $5500.00
Shipping (US) $145
Shipping (Non-US) $550

Notes: Signed (early signature) and red chop by the artist.

Still attached to the original mounting. A period frame.

Paintings in this format were often commissioned and placed above entrances to a home, restaurant and other public establishments.