What Our Clients Have to Say...

"Thank you so much for all the help with our painting. We were nervous about some of the other contacts we had made and you solved that concern for us. Your knowledge, expertise and professionalism made it very comfortable for us to deal with you."
D.J. - Oklahoma

"The care you always put into a transaction is definitely one of the wonderful benefits of trading with a highly reputable dealer. Thanks so much."
L.G. - North Carolina

An email to the Producer of the Antiques Roadshow:

"My wife and I had to send you a note telling you what a wonderful experience we had at the Roadshow and tell you about having one of the most positive meetings we can imagine: our time with Frank Castle. Just getting to be in the presence of a professional of the stature of Mr. Castle would be a treat, but to find him so gracious, so didactic, so charming and so collegial, even toward the likes of us, was more than we could have imagined, let alone asked. To add to our amazement was the fact that we were scheduled late (3PM) and did not even get before Mr. Castle until nearly 6:15, but he was so patient with us and so encouraging to us that one would have thought we were his only visitors that day. The Good Lord only knows how many people he saw that day."

"Least you think the dollar values involved swayed our emotions, let me disabuse you of that. Our prints were worth a few hundred dollars, as we thought, but they were authentic and Mr. Castle was kind enough to explicate many interesting features of them that were previously unknown to us. That was far more value than some any increase in value would have been."

"Again, thank you and your entire staff and, most especially, thanks to Mr. Castle for his time with us which we shall literally treasure as one of our finest memories."
Dan D. - Los Angeles

"The print is wonderful. I love it! I was equally impressed by the artful manner in which the print was protectively wrapped. Doing business with you has been a genuine pleasure. Thank you again for your flawless service."
R.C. – New York

"I want to express my appreciation yet again for the courtesy and service you have extended to me each time we have spoken. I find these qualities are every bit as important – and perhaps even more so – in the e-commerce environment as they are in the bricks and mortar world."
D.C. – California

"I very much appreciate your direct, straightforward business practices – you have dealt with me as a customer in precisely the manner I would want to be treated."
D.C. – Virginia

"Thanks for your late night attention to my woodblock. I do appreciate your response regardless of the outcome. So seldom these day is anyone interested in customer service. I will keep your company at the top of my list."
J.C. – New Jersey

"You have enriched my life by your kindness, courtesy and your attention to my specialized interests. I know your clients are much in debt for your good treatment of them."
F.G. – Massachusetts

"You project a winning combination of scholarship, charm and enthusiasm for your material"
T.P. – California

"I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with our recent transactions. As you stated, these woodblocks are truly excellent. I am enjoying them so much"
E.B. – Florida

"I recommend you quite often and think you do a great job. You are exactly the kind of dealer with a great collection, specialized information and a generous spirit to help that I KNOW will continue to succeed. You are a jewel. Thanks!"
B.S.M. – Texas

"Thank you. Easiest transaction ever!"
G.B. – California

"Thank you for your detailed description of the condition of the painting. I just wish all other dealers would be as forthcoming."
D.K. – Washington, DC

"My print arrived exactly when you said it would, and in wonderful condition. It was perfect, and thank you so much for your help."
B.D. – Massachusetts

"Please accept my thanks for your work in selling my four prints. I very much appreciate your scholarship, attention, and patience."
C.S. – California

"The Shinoda work arrived in perfect shape, thanks to your superb packaging!"
S.R. – Florida

"Great site. Thanks for your quick response."
J.C. – France

"I am very impressed with your service and professionalism."
P.W. – Washington

"Just a note to let you know that the Yoshida print arrived yesterday safe and sound. It’s beautiful. Thank you so much for your courtesy and great customer service."
C.G. – California

"What a thoughtful note from you. Yet another example that Castle Fine Arts is still THE class act. Keep up the good work and fine attention to your admiring fans!"
K.M. – Arizona

"Congratulations on an outstanding website."
J.B. – Virginia

"You have a wonderful collection. Thanks for the prompt shipment."
L.Y. – Japan

"The print was received in excellent condition. The service you have provided is exceptional."
S.B. – APO San Francisco

"I received the print this afternoon and it is absolutely magnificent. I find the color and saturation on this print to be very, very pleasing."
B.D. – California

"Received order. Great condition. Great service. Very excited and pleased. Will be watching your web site often. Keep up the good work!"
T.G. – California

"Your descriptions are quite accurate and the quality of your prints are probably the best that I’ve found anywhere in North America."
R.A. – Delaware

"What an outstanding Study Group you conducted yesterday. Your presentation was so well organized and you managed to cover the field of Japanese Woodcut prints in considerable depth, with authority and in a relaxed and most enjoyable manner. One of the most successful Study Group we have ever had at the Museum."
V.F. – California